RIKA Technology Co., Ltd is a manufacturer specialized in pearlescent pigment. It is located in Yichun economic development zone (National Economic Development Zone), Yichun city, Jiangxi province, covering an area of 146,329 square meters, area of structure 76,000 square meters for the first stage construction, 57,600 square meters for the second stage construction.

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RIKA-Series prodcuts pearlescent pigment widely used in cosmetics,paint industry,plastics industry,the printing ink industry,ceramics,etc.in different sectors.
Address:No.8 Chunqi Road, Economic Development Zone, Yichun, Jiangxi, China
Tel: +86 795 3187799; +86 795 3187899 Fax: +86 795 3662666 E-mail:888@rika.cc Post Code:336000